The Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program provides many opportunities for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, FMA, Strength and Conditioning, Wrestling, Submission-Grappling and MMA gyms. As a member of the Elite family you can benefit from the affiliation from an accredited IBJJF program, free website and marketing materials, a highly recognizable and marketable logo program, online storefront and merchant services, BJJ curriculum and training materials, and much more.

Elite BJJ Accreditation

As an Elite BJJ Franchise or Affiliate your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu members can attain IBJJF certified belt promotions up to and including black belt. This is an important factor for many members and can significantly improve new business and retention rates for any gym teaching BJJ. In addition to full accreditation, all Elite BJJ franchises and affiliates also receive training videos and a training curriculum developed by our world class BJJ Professors.

Figure 1: Elite BJJ Belt Certificates
Figure 1: Elite BJJ Belt Certificates

Elite Clothing

As part of the Elite team, you have a great opportunity to make significant margin on our full line of BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA clothing items. This provides a great opportunity for your gym to maximize revenue and provide high quality gear to your customers. Most of our Elite BJJ franchises make almost 25% of their revenue from clothing sales. Because Elite manufacturers many our own clothing items (including gis), we offer much better price points compared to re-branded clothing items from other manufacturers. We pass this savings on to all of our franchises and affiliates to make it easy to stock clothing items and increase revenue per member.

Elite BJJ Adult Clothing Examples


In addition to these high quality products pictured above we also have available the following Elite Branded items:

1. Rash Guards
2. MMA Shorts
3. Pullover Sweater
4. Hoodie Sweater
5. Short Sleeve t-shirts
6. Long Sleeve t-shirts
7. All Colored Belts for Youth and Adult

Logo and Branding

The Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu branding is very recognizable with bright colors and professionally designed high-quality artwork. The artwork is designed to be easily embroidered, silk screened, or dye sublimated.  As a Member of Elite the BJJ Team you have access to all of our trademark artwork:

1. Elite Judo Logo
2. Elite Wrestling Logo
3. Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Logo
4. Elite Muay Thai Logo
5. Elite MMA Logo

Website Design and Marketing Materials

Elite affiliates receive a customized website and web hosting. Each website can be customized for the specific program offerings of the franchisee. In addition to the customized website each affiliate also receives marketing materials including the following:

1. Program Flyers (full page and Tear-Off)
2. Seminar Templates
3. Newsletter Templates
4. Contact List Management (CMS)
5. Facebook Page Advertisements
6. Elite BJJ 15” and 5” stickers
7. Yard Signs 8. and much more…

Online Store and Merchant Services

All Elite Affiliates have the option to have their own online store where clients can sign-up for services, purchase clothing, and register or update their credit cards. In addition merchant service are easily configured to for online sales, monthly membership billing, or in-store sales. Payment processing is support for credit card, debit card, or ACH auto-transfers. These services are all optional and are not required to be a Franchisee or Affiliate of Elite.

Cross School Activities

Elite BJJ schools compete together under a single team at Northwest tournaments. By competing as a single team, each school benefits from the success of all competitors. The Elite team has already made a mark at Northwest tournaments including the Revolution, Subleague, NAGA, Oregon Open, and Grappler’s Quest. Additionally we host cross-school events like seminars, tournament warm-up competitions, youth pizza and movie nights and interschool training activities.

Elite BJJ Intellectual Property

As an Affiliate of Elite BJJ you will receive a license to all of the Elite BJJ Intellectual Property and Trademarks. We continue to develop new patented technologies, marketing strategies, brands, and other assets that are made available to our partners as part of their Affiliation or Franchise.

Elite Intensity Bands

To ensure the best experience for all participants, Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has developed and patented a system to provide a clear visible indication of the level of intensity that our members wish to train at. By having a standardized method of measurement for intensity our members can help each other calibrate, our Professors and Coaches can help make better match ups, and new members feel more comfortable participating in the sport knowing there is awareness and process to reduce injury and ensure the best experience for all members.

At Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu each participant wears a colored silicone wrist band indicating the level of intensity that they wish to train at. We provide three different colors, each representing an intensity training level detailed below:
Red wrist band: I wish to train at a very intense level to help prepare me for tournaments, physical development, and a rigorous cardio experience. This level is 80-95% intensity

Blue wrist band: I like to get a good workout and to get my heart rate up but I want to limit the risk of injury. This level is 60-80% intensity

Green wrist band: I am interested in the sport, but I am very concerned about injury. I may have physical limitations that prevent me from training at higher levels of intensity. This level is 30-60% intensity.

Members may wish to vary their band color from time to time. If they are preparing for a competition and want to get the most intense training they can wear a red wrist band. As they get closer to the event and want to reduce their risk of injury, they can indicate to the instructors, coaches, and other practitioners that they want to train at a lower intensity at this time by wearing a blue or green wrist band. This system has already proven to help retain members and attract new customers who may feel intimidated to try the sport otherwise. Each Elite BJJ Franchise or Affiliate receives a license to use the Elite Intensity Band System at their gym (though it is not required).